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Jess is a sales and business development superstar. At Ericsson he provided outstanding support on a number or large scale carrier opportunities that we could not have won without him. Jess’s commitment to customer satisfaction and willingness to do “whatever it takes” to get the job done are his trademarks. That includes jumping on a plane and flying to the 4 corners of the earth to put out customer fires and secure the business. I would highly recommend Jess for any senior level sales or business development position where an unrelenting work ethic, commitment to excellence and guaranteed customer satisfaction are absolute prerequisites.

Mike Vizzi – Director of Product Marketing, Condusiv Technologies

I have known Jess since year 1999 as a business partner, supplier and problems solver. During this time Jess and his team played a pivotal role in the development, deployment and support of our business in Internet and IP-VPN service within the whole country of Indonesia. As main service provider in the Indonesia, we do need support from the very competence and very committed team as Jess and his team have demonstrated for us.

Overall, Jess is a highly skilled, conscientious and capable consultant and manager, I strongly recommend Jess for any Business Development or ICT work where technical expertise, analytical skills, speed and accuracy are required.

Laras Siboro – GM for Planning and Business Development, TELKOM Multimedia Division, INDONESIA

I have known Jess for more than 20 years first as a friend and colleague and subsequently as business partner and supplier. During this time Jess and his team played a pivotal role in the support of our business needs supplying quality support to our telecoms clients in Germany, Holland and Italy.

His reliability and drive in high pressure conditions have certainly added to the success of our business.

Dominic McGrath – Director, Mobile Network Consultants Ltd

I have known Jess since 1998 in the capacity as a colleague and consultant. We have sold a lot of equipment (IP networking) in India. We relied on Jess and his team in the deployment and support of these products with our customers in India, namely Department of Telecommunications (DOT, currently known as BSNL).

Around 250 boxes of Tigris (RAS) product were deployed in about 7 different states and various towns and cities (about 200 towns). The deployment was very challenging and a huge effort and we received lot of guidance and help from Jess and his team.

They also provided us and our customers training in India on the Remote-Access products and Routers. They have been very responsive and have been always quick to resolve various issues we encountered. They have been very professional and at the same time it was good fun working with them.

Srinivas Chilakalapudi – Managing Director & CEO, ActivCard India

I have known Jess since 2001 in his capacity as Director of the IP Access Product Unit of Ericsson. Shortly thereafter, he assumed the new position of Senior Director as recognition for his achievements.

During the years I have known him, Jess and his team played a pivotal role in the deployment of cutting edge technology to various companies around the world. These achievements were done in an efficient and professional manner that enabled these companies to gain the extra leverage needed over their competitors in their market space.

In other times, Jess and his team were instrumental in providing the support needed to overcome technical difficulties experienced by these clients. The amount of money saved as a result of their pro-active action was substantial. I have the utmost confidence in saying that no other group in the world could have produced such positive achievements as a result of quick action on behalf of Jess and his team.

The companies with which I have had the pleasure of witnessing these acts of professionalism included Smartcom (Hong Kong), PCS (Chile), Telecom Columbia and Telebahia of Brazil.

I personally would not hesitate to recommend Jess and his team for catering to any of your needs. Their technical knowledge and most importantly knowledge of your needs will balance well to ensure that your experience with them will leave you in a better position than you once were.

Jasper Chik – Director Product Management and Relationship Management, Ericsson AB

I have known Jess since 1997 in his capacity as a work colleague. During this time Jess and his team played a pivotal role in setting up the service and support to our business partners Telia in Sweden and Sonera in Finland.

Ronny Svensson – System Integration Engineer Packet Core Network Product Line, Ericsson

I have known Jess since year 2000, in his capacity as a consultant and business partner. During this time Jess and his team played a pivotal role in supporting the business needs of Ericsson Enterprise and our customers worldwide, including: Italy, France, Greece, UK, Brasil, Mexico, India, Taiwan, to mention a few and numerous customers such as Le Post, OTE, Telecom Italia, HCL, Telemar, etc.

The Professional attitude, flexible and result oriented business mindset of Jess and his team were of the utmost help for our efforts here at Ericsson Enterprise.

Budimir Sever – Product Manager, Ericsson Enterprise AB

I have known Jess since April 1998 where we have worked closely on various Data Networking Projects throughout the EMEA region, in my capacity as Systems Engineering Director for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region. Jess and his worldwide team were instrumental in providing support for large scale Carrier/Operator Wireline/Wireless projects. In my role as Systems Engineering Director for Ericsson Data Networking solutions I worked closely with Jess and his team in order to conduct demonstrations/trials as well as network design and following successful ‘proof of concept’ Jess and his team were responsible for the installation/commissioning and Support of complex Wireline/Wireless data networks.

Projects include 50,000+ User Access Networks, MPLS/ATM core IP Convergent Networks, Regional GPRS Implementations to Enterprise Networking Solutions. Customers have included Carrier Operators Worldwide as well as Tier1/Tier2 Mobile Operators.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I have worked with Jess and his team, as well as being professional when facing customer situations Jess and his team have an extremely good understanding of both the challenges and technical requirements when designing complex technical solutions for customers in different parts of the world.

Wasim Azhar – Magesto Europe

During this time, Jess and his team played a pivotal role in the deployment and support of highly acclaimed products to various Telecommunication Operators around the globe. The execution of such projects greatly surpassed customer expectations that resulted to monetary gains for the customer and more projects awarded to his team.

To name a few of the customers we have generously served, I had the privilege to work with Smartcom Chile, Telebahia Brazil, Hutchinson Italy, South Korea Telecom and Telecom Mauritius.

You have my outmost confidence in standing behind the reputation of this gentleman and his team. I’m sure he will provide you with the consistent excellence and synergies you as a customer wholly deserve.

Antonio Galsim – CDMA Radio Access Product Unit, Ericsson Montreal

I hired Jess to come join me in the United States and head up the worldwide support organization. Jess and his worldwide team were instrumental in providing support for large scale carriers, major network providers and many large enterprise customers. I worked very closely with Jess and his team as we sold and installed products surpassing $100M per year. The networks that we designed, installed and maintained were some of the largest IP networks in the world with hundreds of thousands of users.

I have found Jess and his team to be thoroughly professional and willing to do whatever it takes to get the customer operational and remedy whatever situation that may exist. Please feel free to contact me should you require additional information.

Bob Buckley – VP of Engineering Motia Inc, California USA

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