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Leading Innovation and Change Seminar

Leaders are responsible for strategy, innovation and change. They’re expected to understand psychology, embrace complexity and harness diversity. But most are appointed because they were good at something else. No wonder many don’t do it very well. Our research shows that a majority of people in leadership positions are inadequately prepared, are ill matched for their position, and may be adding little or no value to their organizations. Worse, they may be actively stifling both the morale of their people and the performance of their more

Conventional training doesn’t always work

We recognise too that a lot of leadership development programmes have failed to deliver results. That’s why we’ve re-engineered a completely new approach. These are not conventional training courses. Learning is a process, not a one-off event, so we’re offering a structured framework to guide serious players in the leadership game on a journey of personal discovery towards mastery of their role and liberation of their corporate culture. read more

    Day 1 - £425.00
    Essence of Leadership

  • how leaders learn, and why they often don’t
  • the complex nature of leadership in theory and practice, how it works and why it fails
  • the difference between leadership and management and why both are necessary
  • the characteristics, skills and competencies of effective leaders
  • how to adapt your own leadership style to the demands of your own situation and circumstance

    Day 2 - £425.00
    Leading Innovation and Change:
  • frameworks and processes for planning and implementing change
  • how to overcome obstacles and resistance
  • what really constitutes innovation in practice
  • how to encourage creativity in the organisation

    Day 3 - £425.00
    Strategic Thinking and Strategic Leadership:
  • why strategy demands both creative and logical thinking, and courageous decision making
  • why successful strategy demands ‘doing things differently’ and why that’s difficult
  • how to lead strategy formulation and implementation
  • leading in times of complexity and uncertainty

    Day 4 - £425.00
    Culture and Innovation in Organisations:
  • how organizational culture arises and how it can be assessed
  • the influence of culture on performance, and how to change it
  • how culture influences change and innovation, and how to create an innovation culture
  • how culture and diversity influences leadership



Where conventional leadership development
programmes disappoint - we exceed